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If you've ever been curious about homes, remodeling, vertical expansions, and more, take a look at these stories from over 40 years of happy clients! Here's what they had to say about working with Eagle Builders:



Neither the English language nor my own soul has the words to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for the superb skill and artistry you have demonstrated in the remodeling of our master bathroom. The design and personal craftsmanship you have intricately woven into this project is reminiscent of the talent, patience, dedication and persistence of ancient divine skills now tragically sacrificed in favor of making the quick buck. Your work is priceless and its quality of inestimable value. It is obvious that you share the characteristics of the emblem or mascot representing your company. It is not just your work but your character that resembles the keenness of the eagle's eye for the insight and clarity you demonstrate as a true visionary helping bring into focus your clients and your own internal perspective and form. Your determination to provide the "highest and loftiest" symmetry and harmony of the material you use and suggest for achieving the elegance for which the human spirit aspires is as marvelous as the majestic eagle soaring and gliding on the winds of the very breath of Life. And your persistence and patience to the smallest detail is a feature possessed by this rarest of birds and certainly exceeds what my own limited vision could have even begun to envision or focus upon. Your daily perseverance to bring into reality the internal design framing the conception of our souls desire for our master bath has permitted me to glimpse the infrastructure of my heart and along with your personal openness and willingness to converse about the deeper emotions stirring our excitement and expectation have made this project more than a mere physical production and materialistic renovation. I have gained many unique insights into the interactive aspects of thoughts and emotions just by watching your passion for precision and perfection in following the pattern for which the selected materials required. Thanks for permitting me to intrude and interrupt your work to ask the simple questions that brought to light and consciousness impressions and techniques that could be used in other desired events and experiences of Life. Your commitment to your work and to your clients is that part of your company that allows you to soar where others only sour.


I wish you continued success as you and your crew continue to prove one of the rarest aspects of modern construction companies and that is the investment of your personal compassion and dedication for providing the most elegant result energizing your own spirit as it comes freely and sacrificially to work every day. Thanks for showing me and teaching me things pertinent to construction and which are equally relevant to renovating and transforming every conceivable relationship the soul yearns to develop. I can only hope that those expecting more than just a mere physical restoration of their home could have the privilege and pleasure of experiencing your internal and external talents in bringing the human spirit into harmony and symmetry with its current physical environment. Thanks for being both a dedicated contractor but even more a devoted and genuine friend. As the eagle stirs up her nest, flutters over her young, spreads abroad her wings and carries them upon her strength" so you are a dutiful executioner of your word and your employees performance.

With profound gratitude,   
John Samuel  

John Mango and Eddie Currie spent eleven months completing a major renovation and addition of our residence. With all said and done we are delighted with the results. John and crew were a pleasure to work with on such a complex project.

Here a few words that come to mind when I think back about having them on the job: trustworthy, hardworking, follows through on commitments, conscious of quality and values relationships.

Our house is completely transformed. It was leaky, drafty, and too small. Now it is much larger, brighter, open, and much more comfortable.

George Ahlborn  

Integrity, pride, craftsmanship describe the work of John Mango and his crew. Most people put home remodeling right up there with divorce & taxes. After your first meeting with John Mango, owner of Eagle Builders, you know you are about to have a remodeling experience unlike that of other people. In addition to being one of the most talented builders, John Mango is also a very good communicator. Above all communication is the secret to a smooth remodel and the dream house you always imagined.

Ideas for my dream house started to form when I first opened the door of my 1914 Craftsman Bungalow in Washington Park. Remodeled sometime in the seventies, I was dismayed to see how most of the lovely architectural details had been removed in an attempt to "modernize." But I knew with the vision of a good architect (Doug Eickelberg) articulated by a good builder (John Mango,) my house could be restored as a "modern day" not modernized, Craftsman Bungalow.


Not every builder can or will pay attention to every little detail. Sometimes getting the details just right requires doing something over. If you don't have a builder who believes in your vision and lives by the motto "it needs to be right" you will find yourself waking up in a nightmare rather than your dream home. I'm a happy homeowner who thorougly enjoyed the entire remodeling experience from start to finish with Eagle Builders.


Thank you John Mango & Eddie Curry & Brent Teal of Eagle Builders for making my dream home come true.


Pam Vallone


We highly recommend John Mango and his contracting company, Eagle Builders, as they recently worked wonders with our very challenging remodeling project. Last fall, we purchased an 1891 Victorian home that was in a major state of disrepair. John and his phenomenal employees, Ed and Brent, gutted the main floor making a wonderful open space for a great room. They also had to completely redo the flooring in the main part of the house to make it stronger and level. He was able to work miracles with the floor and he found an outstanding deal on cherry hardwoods, which showcase the beautiful job they did. They rerouted plumbing for a new bathroom and added on a 24' by 24' addition that gave us a beautiful kitchen, master bedroom and bath. The sub-contractors that John used were also outstanding. They were very professional and kept up with the quick pace of the job.

John and his crew are very receptive to ideas and do a good job problem solving. They have an amazing attention to detail and really take pride in their work. They not only do thorough, quality work, but they also work efficiently and swiftly. It is not often that you find all of these qualities in a contracting firm. His communication skills are also top-notch and we were kept informed of the progress on a daily basis.

We are so thrilled with the way our house turned out.


Meredith and James Tongue


We have hired John Mango and his company, Eagle Builders from 1995 through the present to do four major home improvement projects. In one project our entire house was renovated and we moved out for three months. In addition many of our neighbors have hired him and on many other occasions we have recommended his company to friends. It's fair to say, we have had a lot of accumulated experience with his work.

Here's what you count on:

  • Good communication: John takes the time to find out what you want, works with you to make certain there's a good mutual understanding of the scope and cost of the job, and keeps you informed every step of the way.


  • Reasonable Cost: John keeps the cost of your project down by doing a great deal of the work himself and by supervising all of the aspects of the job. His crew and his sub-contractors are pro's and they work at a fast pace. They do the job right the first time.


  • Great Workmanship: All of the details of a job are done to high standards.


  • On Schedule: All jobs were completed on time.

It's true, we've been good customers, but our relationship has grown past that. We encourage anyone who wants a project done professionally at a reasonable cost should contract with Eagle Builders. Finally, we'd say that John makes friends out of his customers. We admire him as a friend and as a businessman.

David & Louise Powelson


Over the past 7 years John Mango and Eagle Builders have totally renovated our Arvada home. We did an extensive interior remodel on our main and upper levels and recently updated our basement and bar area.


John Mango was so easy to work with. He is a kind, patient and extremely honest man. Many times we tried his patience and he was wonderful through it all. As with any remodeling, changes have to be made because of extenuating circumstances. John always had ideas to solve the problems and to improve the end result. John's work is excellent and the quality he demands from his subcontractors makes him one of the best contractors in this area. John will always do our work, and when it's completed he will always remain a friend.



The Boltons

Dear John:

Twice in the past five years we have used Eagle Builders to do extensive remodeling in our Lakewood, CO home. Our experiences have been outstanding. Our mind visions were brought to fruition.

They were completed on time and on budget. The projects were the first we have done without an architect. Our entry hall barrel ceiling is outstanding. The technical work required to accomplish the barrel was extensive. All city code requirements were met or exceeded. What was once a low and dark uninviting entry way is now light and inviting. The space has the same footprint as before but it feels and looks much larger.

This year Eagle Builders took an unused room and fashioned it into a garden room. The floor is done in Italian tile. A separate water source was added. A copper ceiling fixture was created to hide the tube lighting: it further serves as a means of holding hanging plants. Eagle Builders were always mindful of our budget constraints and always ready to make alternative suggestion. We would not hesitate to recommend Eagle Builders to anyone seeking a first rate team of builders.


Steve and Jean Holt

We had a very positive experience with Eagle Builders. The guys were at our house every day, on time (even early!). Throughout the planning phase and construction itself, we got a sense that John and his crew had our best interests in mind.

The team from Eagle Builders was incredible on all fronts. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail was of the highest caliber. The job started on time and finished ahead of schedule. At all phases they walked us through all our options, and always offered value added ideas, working to obtain our goals.

John and his crew from Eagle Builders were great. Each of them made extraordinary efforts to ensure a result that exceeded our expectations. The team paid the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship. John worked closely with us from planning to completion on all aspects of the job and was key in helping to shape our vision and ideas, from big picture to the smallest details. The result is magnificent.

We will absolutely use John and his team from Eagle Builders again and would quickly refer him to our friends. The teams dedication, commitment, and results were wonderful. Eddie and Brent were like angels with toolbelts.

John called my neighbor Art-Deco. Art-Deco is around all the time and watched John and his team from afar. He gave me weekly updates. "Those guys work hard, all day long" - Art Deco, summer 2003.

Jay and Ann Staz

Dear John,

After more than 8 years of enjoying the work you and your crew did for us, we still marvel at how much the remodeling continues to please us each day. Considering how extensive the remodel of our home was, it's honestly a bit surprising that we haven't had to call you back for something - but we haven't! I personally think our high level of satisfaction with the project is due to your continual presence on the job and the thorougness with which you and your staff performed the work. They were professional, considerate of our needs, and did their work with a high degree of skill. If that hadn't been the case we wouldn't have felt as eager to recommend you to so many of our friends and neighbors who in turn have used your firm for their remodels and been equally pleased.


It was fun to have our own neighborhood 'parade of homes' - all remodels by your company which were done in our Lakewood neighborhood! That fact alone should atest to the quality and effort which you and the guys put forth. Thanks again for doing such a terrific job for us all!

Walt & Barbara Isaac

Lakewood, CO

When my wife Trina and I decided that we needed to replace the leaky & inefficient windows in our Ken Caryl home we were nervous, to say the least. Fortunately we were referred to Eagle Builders by friends who were in the middle of an extensive remodel of their home. As part of their upgrade they had installed new windows and doors. One look at the quality of John's work and we knew that we had found our builder.


John accommodated our budget and schedule and gave us many design ideas that we incorporated into the project. The overall look and quality of the job was excellent.


All of our pre-construction fears were put to rest once the work began. The team took great care to minimize the mess during the job. They cleaned up every night and were on the job bright and early every morning. As the job progressed John and Ed made it a point to touch base with us frequently to make sure that we were all still on the same page.


John and his crew of craftsmen were a pleasure to work with. This is a team that obviously cares about the quality of their work and it shows. We already plan to have Eagle Builders back next summer to help with a kitchen make-over.

Al Bibbero

John Mango contracted with us to complete a kitchen remodel. We had interviewed several possible contractors and easily settled on John to do the job. He had done a lot of work in our neighborhood. We talked with these folks and all had nothing but positive things to say about John, his workers, and the quality of his work. We were opening our home to workers that we didn't know, so a critical element was trust. This is a trait that John clearly possesses. It was our first experience with anything of this magnitude and we are happy to say it was a great experience!

John came to our home and listened to our ideas and concerns related to a job like this. He gave us great feedback on what could or wouldn't work. He came up with a bid that was fair and competitive. He was real flexible when it came to some of our indecision related to removing the wall between our kitchen and living room. His ideas for how to compromise creating an open area, yet maintaining the integrity of a weight-bearing wall, worked out just right. He completed and coordinated all the required work: the demo of the area, tile work, electrical wiring, plumping, appliance installation, painting, window installation, and all final construction.

The business side of the remodel was surprisingly smooth. John stuck to the bid and fairly noted any add-ons that we requested. He kept us updated to any potential changes so that there were no surprises. Not once did we have reason to question any of the financial elements of his work. Final payment was not required until all work was done and we were completely satisfied.

As far as schedule, John told us an estimated start date and an estimated duration. He was actually able to start earlier then promised and completed the job in three weeks. Ahead of the original estimate. Nothing was rushed, just well coordinated by John to minimize any downtime.

The result is a kitchen and living room that is open, warm and homey. We are completely satisfied with the finished product. The superb quality of the work is easy to spot. From the back-splash tile work to the can lighting in the ceiling.


We felt so good about the work John had done that we had him rework our entire deck in our backyard. He was able to easily blend the older part of the deck with the new construction. The finished product turned out great. Between the new kitchen and the deck, we spend most of our time in these areas. He doesn't know it yet, but we'll be asking him to do our bathrooms next.

John is a trusted professional. He is hardworking, detail oriented craftsman who completes a top-quality job for a fair price. We are proud of the work he has done and we are also proud to call him our friend!


Go Mango!

Jim and Mary Floerke

Lakewood, CO

John and his crew from Eagle Builders did a great job on my home remodel project. John and his crew were very professional and easy to get along with. They, worked hard every weekday to finish a high quality project on time. When I left home for work each day, I really appreciated knowing that the project was in good hands.

Tim Randle

Lakewood, CO

John Mango and Eagle Builders have done a number of projects for my husband and I. He has designed and built a major addition to our home, replaced all of our windows and added an alcove to our bedroom. Each job was done with skill and completed on budget in a reasonable amount of time. John's sense of humor and dedication to his clients make him a pleasure to work with. I heartily recommend him to anyone wanting a competent, reliable builder.

Roberta Nieto

To say a simple “thank you” simply just doesn’t express my sincerest gratitude for the work you did on my house! A few weeks after you completed this remodel project, I am still overwhelmed and elated with my “new home.” The morning I walked downstairs to see my house decimated by water damage, I was bewildered and almost depressed at how I was ever going to repair the damage. Then, Eagle Builders came in, and from the first day we walked through the house, I saw immediately that you had seen this many times before! You were so confident and reassuring that my house would be put back together and be nicer than it ever was. Even as I write this, I feel the emotion within me as everything you said you could did!! My house is amazing and so much more than I ever thought it could be.


Johnny, there are many things I need to thank you for, but the one thing that stands out, is trust!! Having never gone through something like this, my biggest fear was trusting someone to come in and re-build my home. Trusting someone to do what they said they would do. Without question or doubt, you did just that, and more! Everything you said would happen, did happen. Everything you said you could improve, you did! I cannot express to you how valuable that is. To have someone, a company, come in to your home and treat it like their own. You were always so considerate of me and understanding the fact that I still had to live there, even through all the construction. You always cleaned up every day. You showed such respect for me and my belongings! That meant so much to me and helped me relax and allow the remodel process to happen. I also have to thank you for continuing to follow up with me, even weeks after you completed the job. That really means a lot!! Your attention to detail, and willingness to do whatever it took to make the house a home again, are second to none!!


For the reasons above, and many, many more, I would recommend Johnny Mango and Eagle Builders to anyone and everyone!! In fact, I already have. Johnny, you are an incredibly unique and special individual and you have my deepest gratitude! Thank you once again for helping put my home back together, stronger and better than it ever was!!


Steve McCahan

It is so hard to find a contractor!! Someone you can trust, someone who has great ideas, someone who does extraordinary work and is passionate about it.

In 2005 we found one, John Mango owner of Eagle Builders and we have been using them ever since.


Our relationship with them started with some small projects at our home in Greenwood Village. They painted and did some minor repair work to the interior and exterior. As the years went by we gave them bigger more complicated jobs because we were so pleased with the results. They have replaced windows, designed and installed built in cabinets, counter tops, etc. In 2015, after years of trying, we were finally able to obtain a building permit to build the mountain cabin of our dreams. We called Eagle Builders right away.

John recommended a wonderful architect who worked with us on the design to maximize the convenant size requirements and the views. John gave us great advice on kitchen designers and where to shop for hard goods. His timelines were spot on probably because he was all ways on site either doing the work or communicating with his subcontractors and overseeing their work. Along the way, he would come up with changes/add ons that made our cabin a custom creation. He was always pleasant, on time and kept his word…..a man of integrity and talent.

Our 3,000 square foot dream was completed in 10 months. Quite a feat considering the location and weather. We could not be happier!!!


The Strain Family

Eagle Builders remodeled my Kitchen and majority of my downstairs. I had several unique requests that they accommodated with no hiccups. Project was completed on-time within expected spend as discussed and agreed with John per our contract. The quality of work is great. The standout issue for me was the that I traveled out of state & country during at least 60% of the project. John made sure to stay in constant contact to ensure I was in the loop with project questions and progress including texting occasional photos. Approximately, one year after completion of the project I had Eagle Builders do my window replacement with new trim. To finish things off, I used a contact John gave me for window blinds that I would recommend too (Design Craft Blinds & Floors).

Thank you Eagle Builders!

Randy Cutler

Lakewood, CO

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